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Guests :
Blessing Ngobeni
Was it luck, or destiny? Blessing Ngobeni could never have predicted his path to
becoming a revered artist. Raised in an abusive household, Ngobeni ran away as a child
and made it to Alexandra, where he joined the wrong crowd. At the age of 15, he was
arrested for robbery and spent nearly six years in prison. It could have been rock
bottom. Yet it was here that Ngobeni discovered his talents. Out of boredom, he started
sketching fellow inmates’ portraits. Realising he could improve his capabilities and
make a life for himself, Ngobeni began an astonishing journey to liberation.
Philile Shabalala
The class can’t wait to see what they’re making next. They intently follow their
woodwork teacher’s precise motions, noting each manoeuvre. But not everyone was
always this trusting of the instructor. Philile Shabalala is the only female teacher in
Hodisa Technical Secondary School’s technical department. Today, Shabalala is all
about building skills and shattering stereotypes.
After studying civil technology, Shabalala decided to try her hand at woodwork.When
Shabalala began teaching in the town of Mangaung, it reinforced her love for the craft.
She shows learners how to make furniture from coffee tables to drawers, as well as
models of roof trusses and skirtings. In doing so, Shabalala is opening up avenues for
them to be successful entrepreneurs in the construction industry.
Chief Petty Officer Dudley Malgas
Chief Petty Officer Dudley Malgas starts every afternoon with a bang. Dapper and
distinguished in his naval uniform, he’s held the charge of Cape Town’s Noon Gun for
more than 20 years. The ritual of firing a cannon from Signal Hill at exactly 12pm dates
back to 1806. Today, it’s still a routine interruption to the city centre’s midday hum. But
while most Capetonians are well acquainted with the thunderous sound, how many
know the person behind it?
Originally from Mossel Bay, Malgas joined the South African Navy in 1988, and procured
the position of cannoneer at Lion Battery in 1997. This is the location of the two guns
which are fired alternately. One of Cape Town’s oldest traditions, this practice was
initiated for sailors and locals to reset their watches and chronometers. Like clockwork,
the custom continues and has become a popular attraction among tourists. Malgas
welcomes the hubbub. He loads each cannon with more than a kilogram of gunpowder
and informs the surrounding crowd of its significance. After raising a flag to signal
danger, Malgas ensures that everyone is out of harm’s way and commences the
countdown. With a boom, another afternoon begins.
Nokuphiwo Jada
School is stressful. Learners have to attend lessons longer than their attention spans,
absorb a profuse amount of information, complete research projects, take tests,
participate in extracurricular activities, shine at sport, make friends, be leaders, and
succeed. It’s a lot to expect of a child. To be the best version of themselves, they might
just need a breather. Nokuphiwo Jada is introducing children in Khayelitsha to the
philosophies of yoga to help them slow down and reconnect with their inner self.
Jada leads yoga classes for over 700 primary school children. Developing different
perspectives and mindsets is as important as the physical aspects of yoga. By also
running art classes and teaching music and drama, she reveals their potential across a
wide spectrum.
Ben Getz
How can we grow food without water? Between 2015 and 2018, dams in the Western
Cape came close to rock bottom. When farms in the province had no produce to
harvest, 30 000 jobs in the agriculture industry were lost. While water levels have
increased since then, the fear of the drought’s return is ever-present. But Ben Getz has a
sustainable way to keep South Africa in full bloom.
Through his company Urban Harvest, Getz constructs edible gardens which align
communities and food production with conservation. He’s worked with schools and oldage
homes in under-resourced areas such as Bonteheuwel and Hangberg. After laying
out the terrain, he employs and upskills locals to tend to the crops on the plot.

More episodes from Tonight With Lester Podcast

The Ladies from Suidooster

16 January 2020 9:48 PM

Guests : Lauren Joseph & Vashti Prins

Tonight we are honoured to welcome Lauren Joseph & Vashti Prins to the studio, the
ladies are part of the talented cast of actors in the very popular local soapie Suid
Ooster, Lauren plays the role Zoe & Vashti that of Danny.

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Beautiful news

16 January 2020 9:28 PM

Guest : Genevieve Chisholm

It was a little after midnight. Genevieve Chisholm rubbed her eyes and headed out to
check on the rescued horse. He was severely malnourished. Feeding him meant waking
up every two hours just so that he could keep up his strength. But saving animals is
what Chisholm does. She has 1 260 animals in her care – and the number doesn’t stop
At Flag Animal Farm, a rescue centre in Durban, creatures from tiny hamsters to
abandoned rabbits are left on Chisholm’s doorstep every day. Often, they’re from
people who no longer want their pets or who’ve neglected them. “We have saved just
over 14 and a half thousand lives,” Chisholm says. Her on-site vet attends to every
animal when they arrive. For any wild creature that comes to the farm, Chisholm works
closely with the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife to release them. As much as she
can, she chooses not to send a rescue away. “I don’t believe in rehoming,” Chisholm says.
“An animal at Flag Farm is safe for the rest of their lives.”
Despite the large number of creatures under Chisholm’s care, she gives each one a
name and an equal amount of love. “The animals that come here all become part of my
family,” she says. With blind ponies, a three-legged cat, and more than a hundred
bunnies among the cows and goats, she’s created a haven for every type of animal.
“Where there’s breath, there’s hope,” Chisholm says. “And we will fight until the last

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Hiking with Tim Lundy

16 January 2020 9:01 PM

Guests : Tim Lundy
               Japie Oosthuizen

Bosmanskloof trail and The Fire

Tim's details:
FB: Cape Town Hiking with Tim Lundy
Twitter : @hikingcapetown
You Tube: Cape Town Hiking
Instagram : capetownhiking

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Blood Shortage

16 January 2020 8:36 PM

Guest : Michelle Vermeulen

The Western Cape Blood Service needs your help, they only have enough stock to last 4
days & are in urgent need of
O- and B+ blood groups. The festive season has put some strain on supplies as regular
donors take a break during the festive season and with folks going back to work blood
donation has taken a back seat. 

N1 City Mall-Blue Route Mall and 9 Long Street. 

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Caring for your folks who didn't plan

15 January 2020 9:53 PM

Guest : Hardi Swart| Director of Autus Private Clients

A very interesting article in this weeks Sunday Times on How to support ageing parents
who didn't plan for their retirement. Most people have a retirement plan for the old
age, pension, investments & maybe a bit of cash stuffed in a mattress but what to do if
your parents were not savers & only have a Social Grant to provide for their retirement?

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15 January 2020 9:33 PM

Guest : Lisa Joshua Sonn

It is my context that teaching religion at school has also been a way to facilitate
behaviour. A set of rules that keeps children respectful of a higher being, an authority
figure with inexplicable powers, fearful of a God who can see everything you do, though
S/He is invisible and a God who can punish you or reward you according to your actions,
which then ensured compliance and obedience.
The Ten Commandments are simple enough to keep children and adults on the straight
and narrow in the world. The powerful and frightening vision of Moses presented with
those two tablets remain in my mind’s eye, there was a burning bush, Moses had a thick
grey cassock, a long beard and wild hair. Quickly as a child I embraced those
commandments as the real deal!

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Bonita Bennett - Goodbye D6 Museum

15 January 2020 9:04 PM

Guest : Bonita Bennett

Bonita Bennett, Director of the District Six Museum has decided that the 31 st January
2020 will be her last day at the organisation, she has been with the D6 Museum for 16
years, 11 of those as director.

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Preempting drug abuse

15 January 2020 8:52 PM

Guest : Albert Matthews

Albert and his wife Tammy Matthews are from the The First Community Resource
Centre in Hanover Park . They provide Life skills, Drug Rehabilitation & Recovery
coaching. One of their most valuable services involves stopping drug abuse before it
starts , getting involved before the experimentation phase kicks off.

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Athlone kicks out drug dealers

15 January 2020 8:49 PM

Guest : Pastor Chris Osborn

Residents of Bridgetown, The Bridgetown Neighbourhood Watch & The Bridgetown
Community Development Forum did their community a massive favour this weekend,
after months of begging and pleading they had enough and kicked out 3 drug dealers
from their area. Three properties in Loerie, Fink and Kalkoen roads were targeted and
according to reports rumours that one of the drug dealers was selling teenage girls for sex to older men was the final straw.

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Andi Bengis - Don't stress the work

14 January 2020 9:57 PM

Guest : Andi Bengis

Meet Andi Bengis, she's an occupational therapist and the founder of stressmanagement
company I Don't Want to be Stressed. She has a particular interest in work
related stress and it's impact on mental health. With most of us going back to work next
Monday some of us must be dreading the new work year. it could be because of a very
stressful work enviroment or horrible bosses and colleagues, this can have a negative
impact on your mental health and well being in general.

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