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Tonight with Lester Kiewit


Guests : Koketso Sechane
               Rupert Koopman

Tonight we have a special hour planned, Koketso Sechane & Rupert Koopman join us
for discussion on how we as men have contributed to the rape culture.
Let's talk about the times we've done a less than appropriate touch in a club. How we've
spoken among ourselves of "what we would do to her if I had five minutes," how we as
men intentionally get ourselves and her drunk just so that inhibitions will be lowered by
the end of the night.


More episodes from Tonight with Lester Podcast

Heritage Comedy Festival (24:45)

17 September 2019 9:57 PM

Guests : Pius Xulu
               Sophie Joans

Tonight we are joined in studio by comedian Pius Xulu and & Sophie Joans, they are on
stage at the heritage Comedy Festival happening at the Bertha Movie House at
Isivivana Centre in Khayelitsha on the 27th September.

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Cars with Melinda Ferguson (19:21)

17 September 2019 9:34 PM

Guest : Melinda Ferguson

Volkswagen’s new Polo SUV: T-Cross makes its debut at Festival of Motoring
Volkswagen is expanding its SUV family downwards with the T-Cross. The Polo-based
crossover model aims to score points in the small car segment with independent design,
a flexible interior and impressive features.
The T-Cross, which will join the Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace and Touareg, is set to arrive
locally in September.
The T-Cross, manufactured in Navarra, Spain, will soon be captivating hearts in the
South African market with its combination of style, practicality, flexibility, connectivity
and fuel economy.
At launch in the third quarter this year, the T-Cross will be powered by the automaker's
1.0 TSI turbocharged petrol engine delivering 85kW. T-Cross will also be available with
the more powerful 1.5 TSI three-cylinder engine delivering 110kW from the fourth
quarter of 2019 and the entry level 1.0 TSI engine delivering 70kW from the first quarter
of 2020.

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SANDF Deployement extended (22:20)

17 September 2019 9:00 PM

Guest : Shaun Shelley

Shaun Shelley is Deputy Secretary Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic and Sub-
Saharan Africa Representative of the International Drug Policy Consortium
Management Advisory Committee. We chat to him tonight about the SANDF
deployment extension & what he thinks should be done differently.

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MSF- a frontline response to sexual violence in Rustenburg (12:5)

17 September 2019 8:31 PM

Guest : Kate Ribet

Lebogang Seketema is one of eight drivers working in an MSF project in Rustenburg, the
heart of South Africa’s Platinum Mining Belt which treats survivors of sexual and
gender-based violence in a network of MSF-supported clinics. In 2015, an MSF survey
found that 1 in 4 women living in Rustenburg had experienced rape in her lifetime. Lebo
knows first-hand the suffering and pain caused by sexual violence and it has changed
his life. Each day, he collects survivors and transports them to the nearest clinic for
mental, physical care and social support in MSF-supported clinics, often returning them
home again. The majority of survivors collected by the drivers are women. As they are
often the first person a survivor meets following an incident, MSF’s all-male drivers have
received psychological first aid training in how to support survivors from the start.
Since 2015, MSF has worked with the North West health department to expand access
to free, high quality and confidential care for survivors of sexual and gender-based
violence in Rustenburg’s Bojanala district through four dedicated clinics, known as
Kgomotso Care Centres. MSF teams, including forensic nurses, psychologists, registered
counselors, social workers and social auxiliary workers, provide clients with an essential
package of emergency and follow up care.
An increasing number of survivors are being referred from MSF’s community-based
initiatives in Rustenburg’s Freedom Park and Sondela areas, which includes a schools
health program that educates learners about sexuality and gender-based violence. In
South Africa, MSF is calling for all survivors of sexual violence to have immediate access
to complete medical, psychological care and social support.

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Valmont Layne (18:54)

16 September 2019 10:01 PM

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Debt Relief Bill explained (29:36)

16 September 2019 9:41 PM

Guest :  Moeshfieka Botha
              Sébastien Anderson

The National Credit Amendment Bill aims to help indebted consumers earning less that
R7,500 per month, restructure their debt.
It's estimated that up to R20bn worth of debt could be written off under the
controversial new debt relief bill signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier
this week.
The National Credit Amendment Bill will include provisions allowing indebted
consumers who earn less that R7,500 per month to restructure their debt.
But the bill has been criticised by the banking industry, which says it will have a
detrimental impact on the ability of banks to be able to lend to low-income customers.
Sébastien Anderson, CEO of National Debt Advisors joins us live in the studio for hos
thoughts on why the bill wont solve the problems of South Africa's indebted consumers

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Beautiful News (7:22)

16 September 2019 9:09 PM

Guests : 

Tshepang Mahlatsi
Stigma thrives in silence. Though mental illness affects everyone, conversations about it
remain in the shadows. That’s why Tshepang Mahlatsi is telling his story. After
confrontations with the police during the #FeesMustFall protests, the student was
diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
In the process of recovery, he realised he wasn’t the only one struggling at university. By
sharing his experience, Mahlatsi is bringing mental health issues to light.
Mahlatsi founded Next Chapter, an organisation at the University of the Free State, to
destigmatise the dialogue on mental health.
Denzil Pillay
Fashion should enhance our self-esteem. Instead, Denzil Pillay’s confidence was shaken
by the lack of larger clothing sizes.
Pillay’s early experiences have influenced his direction as a designer today – one who is
committed to making garments for every body type. Adorned with rhinestones, feathers,
and tassels, his designs encourage people to show off who they are rather than shy
He forayed into fashion in 2014 when he started experimenting with makeup
application and clothing design. Pillay’s hidden talent has since come out to shine. His
creations are made for everyday people, catering to all genders and sizes.
Mike Schlebach
Mike Schlebach surfs in trash. When he takes to the swells, plastic bottles ride
alongside him. As a big wave surfer, Schlebach is determined to conserve his
Mike Schlebach surfs in trash. When he takes to the swells, plastic bottles ride
alongside him. As a big wave surfer, Schlebach is determined to conserve his
playground. Schlebach’s approach is to revolutionise not just ocean clean-ups, but
Together with designer Jasper Eales, Schlebach transforms used fabrics such as yacht
sails, PVC truck tarps, and display banners into stylish bags and laptop covers. .
Cleaning up the ocean isn’t effective if the trash just sits in a dump alongside other
items that don’t degrade. Schlebach and his team give waste a second life.
Lutendo Ramadwa
Letsie is fiercely proud to be a woman. The poet, known as Princess Lutendo, pens and
performs eloquent compositions as her ode to womanhood. But each verse of praise has
a deeper purpose.
Delving into issues such as HIV and gender-based violence, Letsie’s verses are laden
with empathy, consolation, and above all, understanding. Her words offer comfort to
bruised souls, pay respect to survivors, and acknowledge those who have fought
oppression. The poem ‘A Woman’ is dedicated to mothers, from street sweepers to
leaders in parliament.
Though Letsie hails from the city of Thohoyandou in Limpopo, she’s reaching out to
people across South Africa. She released her debut album in 2019, titled Poetic (Session
One), which combines music with her poetry.

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Living Coloured (20:34)

16 September 2019 8:50 PM

Guest : Yusuf Daniels

A new book by first-time author, and Cape Town resident Yusuf Daniels is shooting up
the best-seller charts.
Daniels, a Cape Town businessman started writing "by accident".
Now, he just can't seem to put his pen down, or fingers off the keyboard.

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SANDF Deployement extended (17:45)

16 September 2019 8:30 PM

Guest : Eldred De Klerk | Senior Policing and Community Conflict Specialist at Africa
Centre for Security and Intelligence Praxis |

President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended the employment of the South African National
Defence Force in gang-ridden parts of the Western Cape until 31 March next year.
The president first authorised the original employment of the SANDF in July 2019 for a
two-month period ending on Monday, 16 September.
Members of the regular and reserve forces of the SANDF were expected to undertake
operations in cooperation with the police, and support the prevention and combating
of crime and maintenance and preservation of law and order in the Western Cape.
The deployment has been seen as something of a disappointment by some who wanted
the SANDF to be deployed in a peace keeping mission style instead of random
appearances on the Cape Flats.

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Susana Kennedy (46:20)

15 September 2019 10:57 PM

Guest : Susana Kennedy

Susana Kennedy is a South African actress, director, model and photographer best
known for her role as Constance in the SABC3 drama series For Sale, in 2007.
In television, Susana has acted in the SABC3 dramedy series For Sale and One Way, both
of which aired on the channel in 2007. Also in 2007, she acted in Diamonds, an
international mini-series, playing the part of Jessica, the party girl, opposite James
She also acted in two music videos: for Heinz Winckler (Thanks You!), in which she
played his love interest; and for Ayo (Help is Coming), playing her mother, a heroine
addict who is too wrapped up in her addiction to care for her only daughter.
In theatre, Susana has performed on stage since a young age. In 2004 she co-wrote a
show called Oh Boy! with Genna Luis and Richard Loring, featuring boy band Hi-5, and
performed in it at The Sound Stage Theatre in Johannesburg for a nine-month run.
Susanna recently attended a workshop by International Speaker & Mind Power Expert
Robin Banks in Singapore & joins us tonight for a new regular Sunday slot.

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