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Insurance & Social Media

Insurance & Social Media

Guest : Peter Nkhuna

Be careful what you post on social media, it could came back and haunt you, especially
when you as a local woman discovered after she claimed she was driving her car when
she crashed it into a tree, a quick search of her social media found a post on her son's
account stating that he crashed the car . As you can imagine the claim was rejected.

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Beautiful News

9 December 2019 10:08 PM
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How to create a business vision for 2020 - The REAL Entrepreneur

9 December 2019 10:05 PM

Guest : Susana Kennedy
             Brian Walsh | CEO at Entrepreneur.Co.Za |

Creative Consultant, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Susanna Kennedy is with us every
fortnight to discuss healing, therapeutic methods to clear the clutter and unique ways
to become the best version of ourselves.
Today we’re talking about transforming the mind of the entrepreneur onto a greater
plain for success – a necessary topic with the state our economy is in right now? And in
fact, Susanna this is a topic that touches close to home for you because you’re also an
Who have you brought with you to the studio to help us understand starting your own
Brian Walsh is renowned for his work on entrepreneurship. He is considered a leading
authority on entrepreneurship and human behavior. He is the founder of The REAL
Entrepreneur™ Institute, a private research and education organization dedicated to
empower entrepreneurs to live a life of true wealth, freedom and meaning.
It is a sad reality to think that almost 80% of small businesses are technically insolvent
and more than 90% of all businesses fail in 5 years or less. There are various theories as
to why this is but one that is more fact than theory is that the entrepreneur themselves
has a major role to play.

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SA's first woman Serjeant-at-Arms in Parliament, Regina Mohlomi, reflects on her career

9 December 2019 9:34 PM

Guest : Regina Mohlomi

Last month, embers of the National Assembly have bid farewell to Parliament’s first
woman serjeant-at-arms Regina Mohlomi.
She’s due to retire at the end of this year after serving eight years in the position.
Mohlomi’s duties have included being the official guardian of the mace, a decorated
rod which is the symbol of authority of the Speaker of the National Assembly.
She was also responsible for maintaining the attendance register of the members.
And what an honour to have Regina Mohlomi on the line with me – welcome to

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Business Unboring with Andrew Thompson: Driver’s licence scanners collect a lot more data than you think

9 December 2019 9:03 PM

Guest : Andrew Thompson

It is becoming more and more frequent that the security at private property access
roads scans your ID and your driver's license.
Instead of the old sign-in book, which it was so easy to feed false information to –
handheld scanners used by security guards at vehicle entry points to capture the details
on your driving licence and car licence disc, before allowing you entry to a controlled
site – is now the norm. And these scanners decrypt the barcode-like data on the back of
credit-card style licences, keeping a real record of all who come and go.
But where is the info (from your driving licence and car licence disc) stored? Who has
access to it and what happens if this information is ever compromised?
Delighted to have Andrew Thompson, freelance writer at Business Insider SA, joining me
in studio now for a deep-dive into this issue

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Effects of load shedding: small business owners suffer

9 December 2019 8:39 PM

Guests : Lorraine Johnson |
               Ibtisaam Abdul | Bakes and Co-founder at H and I Sweet and Savouries |

It is no secret that the intensified load shedding has had a devastating economic effect
on many companies. Without electricity, many businesses cannot function, and in those
instances, employees are unable to work.
But what about the impact load shedding has on entrepreneurs and smaller business in
Cape Town? What is the economic impact of load-shedding in our local communities?
If you’re a business owner in CPT, how has no electricity for 2-4 hours at a time impact
YOU and your pocket? How are you keeping your head above water? How has this
inconvenience spoiled your December?
If YOU have been negatively impacted by load-shedding or know of a business who is
now struggling to keep afloat as a direct result of Eskom’s mismanagement – we want
to hear your story.

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Weekend markets

5 December 2019 9:38 PM

Guest : Heather van Harte

Joining us tonight is Heather van Harte who runs the One & Only Obs Night Market,
open from 4h30- 9h30 tomorrow evening.

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Hiking with Tim Lundy

5 December 2019 9:03 PM

Guest : Tim Lundy

Holiday walks

Tim's details:
FB: Cape Town Hiking with Tim Lundy
Twitter : @hikingcapetown
You Tube: Cape Town Hiking
Instagram : capetownhiking

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New approach to drug use

5 December 2019 8:41 PM

Guest : Tara Garady

Yesterday a drop in centre for people who inject drugs in the Cape Town CBD was
opened by NGO TB HIV Care as part of approach to reduce harm associated with
disordered drug use. People who inject drugs are at particular risk for blood-borne
infections such as HIV and hepatitis
B and C. The Step Up Project aims to reduce these risks by providing a
package of wellness services which includes sterile injecting equipment, opioid
substitution therapy, HIV testing and screening, and psychosocial services.

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Beautiful news

4 December 2019 10:04 PM

Guest : Barbara Kingsley

Who finds out they have HIV and then starts running ultra marathons? An accomplished
athlete, maybe. But Barbara Kingsley had never run before testing positive almost two
decades ago. Coming to terms with her diagnosis proved to be the motivation the
paralegal secretary needed to complete both the Comrades Marathon and the Two
Oceans Ultra Marathon.
Kingsley discovered she was HIV positive in 2000, a time when information was scarce
but stigma was rife. Despite thinking she would die soon after, she showed no sign of
illness for eight years. Her initial good health fuelled her denial and refusal of
But in 2008, her CD4 count plummeted to 86 and she had to be hospitalised. Barely able
to move, Kingsley finally began taking ARVs. Within two weeks, her strength grew and
she couldn’t wait to start doing the things she had previously taken for granted. Running
from one lamp pole to the next, she built up the strides until she reached the fivekilometre
mark. Then 10 kilometres. Then 15.
Since coming out of denial and working with her status, Kingsley’s physical and
emotional health has improved. Living openly as an HIV-positive person, she runs as
part of the Positive Heroes team to raise awareness. As the world acknowledges World
AIDS Day, Kingsley remains proof of the importance of getting tested, starting treatment
and realising your potential to live a full life.

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Is a hungry man an angry man?

4 December 2019 9:51 PM

Guest : Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabasos| Grow Great Executive Director

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