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Hiking with Tim Lundy

Hiking with Tim Lundy

Guests : Tim Lundy
               Japie Oosthuizen

Bosmanskloof trail and The Fire

Tim's details:
FB: Cape Town Hiking with Tim Lundy
Twitter : @hikingcapetown
You Tube: Cape Town Hiking
Instagram : capetownhiking

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Youth unemployment

25 February 2020 10:01 PM

Guest : Kristal Duncan-Williams | Project Lead at Youth Capital |

Youth Unemployment has been prioritized by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his State of
the Nation Address, with the launch of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention
(PYEI) programme.
The President also admitted that Government alone cannot solve the crisis and called
on social compacts to work together to shift gears on youth unemployment.
However, even though young people face this crisis every single day, they’re seldom
included in the conversations on the topic; their ideas and views often lie in the
periphery of the discussions.

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Injuries at school: when can you sue?

25 February 2020 9:45 PM

Guest : Kirstie Haslam | partner at DSC Attorneys |

Parents send their children to school with a reasonable expectation that they will be as
safe as they would be at home however, accidents happen at schools on an alarmingly
frequent basis in South Africa.
One thinks of the recent drowning cases of Parktown Boys pupil Enoch Mpianzi and
Keamohetswe Seboko at Laerskool Bekker Primary in Magaliesburg.
The recent deaths of pupils in schools or under the care of teachers have once again
highlighted the dangers learners face in environments in which they're supposed to be
The safety of children while at school is covered under basic rights in the Constitution
and by the South African Schools Act.

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Jail is not a holiday - what it's really like behind bars

25 February 2020 9:01 PM

Guest : Craig Nuttley

A video has surfaced of criminals in Goodwood Prison living their best lives, listening to
music and smoking drugs in their cell, the Daily Voice reports.
The video, which went viral in less than three hours, was posted on the Cape Flats
Stories Facebook page earlier this week.
In the almost three-minute long video, one inmate can be seen smoking tik, while
another next to him is busy making up a tik lolly. Loud music can be heard in the
background as the men chat and laugh while chilled out on their beds.

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Beautiful News

24 February 2020 10:04 PM
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Candice van der Rheede of the Western Cape Missing Persons Unit (WCMPU)

24 February 2020 9:56 PM

Guest : Candice van der Rheede | Head at Western Cape Missing Persons Unit

The Western Cape Missing Persons Unit was established the 20 May 2017 by president
and founder Candice Sobotker Van der Rheede after the gruesome discovery of the late
Courtney Pieters.
The unit consist of members with over 10 years of crime fighting experience and who are
committed to improving conditions in all areas. We do not only reunite families but also
assist in the rehabilitation of our people. We believe in creating opportunities for all
regardless of race and intend serving our people to the best of our ability. There is
power in unity and we have love and compassion for all. This is strictly volunteer basis
and if you would like to join us in our fight against crime please feel free to get in

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Susana Kennedy self-help: How to invest in property

24 February 2020 9:53 PM

Guest : Susana Kennedy

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Business Unboring with Andrew Thompson: These are the tricks car tyre dealers use to get you to spend more cash

24 February 2020 9:06 PM

Guest : Andrew Thompson |

Buying new car tyres comes with a lot of questions. Must all four tyres be exactly the
same? Is it safe to fix a puncture, or must you purchase an entirely new tyre? Will
insurance pay out if you purchase the cheapest tyres? And do you really need all those
add-ons like nitrogen, alignment, and road hazard guarantees?
Lacking clear answers to such questions, consumers are at the mercy of tyre dealers –
and all indications are that they’re being taken advantage of.

For more of Andrew’s stories, go to 

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News focus: How do parents talk about bad people? How to deal with trauma from news

24 February 2020 8:49 PM

Guest : Lucinda Evans | Chairperson at Mitchells Plain CPF Cluster |
             Kate Solomons | internship-coordinator at TraumaClinic Foundation |

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Report The Enablers of State Capture

20 February 2020 11:01 PM

Listening to the testimony of bankers before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into
allegations of state capture, you might believe they were unwitting victims of the
Guptas and acted quickly and virtuously to throttle their corrupt ways by closing their
bank accounts in 2016.
It turns out they may have been part of the capture project.

Guest:  Michael Marchant | Research Associate at Open Secrets Project

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