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Beautiful news
Beautiful News

Beautiful News

28 August 2019 10:05 PM

Marilyn May
Marilyn May read the headlines – yet another infant abandoned. This is the fate of
thousands of babies every year in South Africa. In many cases, they’re born to mothers
who are in vulnerable positions themselves, and out of fear, shame, or confusion,
choose to leave their children. It’s a growing crisis that requires intervention on multiple
levels. The severity of the situation, coupled with the laborious foster and adoption
system, can leave anyone feeling helpless. But when May kept hearing about it in the
news, the registered nurse and doula yearned to help.
May became a trained safety mother – someone who has been screened by the
Department of Social Development to provide immediate temporary care for children
who’ve been found or rescued. She took in her first baby nine years ago.
In the past decade, she’s turned her home into a cosy haven filled with bassinets and
blankets, nurturing and attention. Dedicated carers work alongside May. Newborns
especially need a lot more than food and shelter. By having someone to hold their hand
and cradle them, they learn to bond and attach from an early age. Over 100 babies have
since gone to permanent homes through May’s organisation, Atlantic Hope.
Michael Mazibuko
When Michael Mazibuko speaks, hearts shatter. The thespian’s voice penetrates the
soul of all who listen. Mazibuko’s intensity stems from his history. He was kicked out of
home in matric after defying his father’s wishes for him to leave school. Mazibuko spent
countless nights fighting the biting cold. As time passed, he began to understand how
life on the street renders people invisible. But this dreamer grasped on to his hope for a
career in the arts – and it paid off.
In 2016, Mazibuko joined Johannesburg Awakening Minds, a troupe founded by Dorothy
Ann Gould. The award-winning actress uses theatre to upskill, uplift, and channel the
voices of those who are homeless.
At the Hillbrow Theatre, they perform Shakespeare’s timeless scripts. The depth in the
Bard’s tales, particularly his tragedies, relates to their experiences and enables them to
express their emotions.
Mazibuko and the J.A.M group are now making waves on screen. They’ve been extras for
South African soapie, Generations, as well as other short films. With the income from
their work, the actors have been able to find homes. But their biggest gain is the
restoration of their dignity. Each performance has shown them how much their voices
Jenny Cullinan
Jenny Cullinan is allergic to bees – but that doesn’t stop her from advocating for them.
Across the world, the insects are bred in hives for their production of honey. Cullinan
believes they deserve a bigger buzz. The precious creatures are responsible for
pollinating crops, and their wild nests are integral to functioning ecosystems. But
globally, bee populations are on the decline. As a conservationist and avid sculptor,
Cullinan is protecting South Africa’s colonies and promoting their role in nature.
Cullinan is a member of Ujubee, a conservation initiative dedicated to the Cape
In South Africa, nearly 85 percent of colonies exist in the wild. Cullinan fearlessly treks
into fynbos to find them, confident of their gentle nature. Cullinan’s knowledge and
commitment extends to her art. Delicately carving larger-than-life sculptures, she uses
the medium to express a deeper message. “Having exhibited everywhere from Maputo
to Berlin, she’s highlighting the significance of bees around the globe.
Husnaa Adams from Beautiful News joins us for this regular feature

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Beautiful News feature: Food Flow

1 July 2020 10:00 PM

Guest : Ashley Newell

Food Flow is a new initiative pioneered during this crisis in Cape Town – with donations they buy produce from small-scale farmers who would usually supply the restaurant business – to make up essential vegetable boxes to distribute to communities facing food insecurity.
Thus, protecting the supply chain for the future, keeping small farmers afloat – Food Flow shifts the flow of produce coming from farms to those most vulnerable. 
FoodFlow then matches the farmer with a community organization in their vicinity who distributes harvest bags or cooks a meal for their beneficiaries. FoodFlow works to sustain food livelihoods, enabling farmers to continue sustaining their business despite the loss of restaurant, hotel and market clients and ensures fresh nutritious food keeps flowing to those who are most impacted by food insecurity

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Beautiful News feature

29 June 2020 9:49 PM 

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Beautiful News feature: How to choreograph your destiny

15 June 2020 9:58 PM

First up:
At the TEARS Animal Rescue centre in Cape Town, every morning starts with a
symphony of excitement. First comes the percussion. Paws pound against metal mesh to
form the beat. Next, a choir of howls. Pit bulls, tiny lap dogs, and pavement specials all
bay in varied intonations, sounding the arrival of potential forever families. But when
COVID-19 spread across South Africa, the shelter sank into a deafening silence. Fearing
the dogs would spend weeks without human contact, TEARS marketing coordinator
Luke Kruyt and his team hatched a plan to keep tails wagging.
Dancing is freedom made physical. Every jump, twist, and shake embodies the
liberation people feel when they express themselves through their bodies. For Kyle
Grant, Gugu Mofokeng, and Cathrine Mathebe, dance has taken them even further – it’s
choreographed their destinies.
Third story:
Going for a Sunday morning run is nothing short of remarkable for Costa Carastavrakis.
For years, he spent most weekends in the throes of depression after nights out fuelled by
drugs and alcohol. His days were permeated with shame. But today, Carastavrakis has
been sober for over a decade. He’s now on track to fighting the stigma around addiction,
proving it’s possible to turn your life around.

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Beautiful News feature: Help Up fights pollution in Cape Town rivers

10 June 2020 9:59 PM

Guest : Georgia McTaggart | Founder at Help Up |

Help Up, an initiative in Cape Town, has consistently been cleaning up the Black River
Raapenberg channel, already clearing 4,000 bags of garbage that would have ended up
in the ocean. They use volunteers and employ Avatars, homeless and formally
unemployed folk, to clean up and collect tons of waste. But they are also proposing

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Beautiful News: What’s going on out there? This book helps children understand a crisis

3 June 2020 9:58 PM

Guest : Matthew Griffiths | writer and illustrator at The Inside Book | 

Explaining the nationwide lockdown to the little ones can be somewhat of a feat for
parents. Luckily for those struggling to put the situation into words, writer and
illustrator Matthew Griffiths has created the perfect tool.
Titled, ‘The Inside Book’, Griffiths’ children’s book aims to explain the lockdown and the
coronavirus situation at large in terms that are easily understood by children.

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Beautiful News feature: Your bravery can move mountains

25 May 2020 9:59 PM

WHICH STORY GETS YOUR PICK? Whatsapp us now with your preferred selection. Your
top suggestion will be selected as a live interview on Wednesday.

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