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Tonight with Lester Kiewit
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Tonight with Lester Kiewit
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Tonight with Lester Kiewit
Beautiful news
Beautiful News

Beautiful News

25 September 2019 10:04 PM

Guests :

Nazeema Jacobs
Nazeema Jacobs never imagined herself blossoming like this. After leading a life of
non-stop clubbing and drug addiction, everything took a turn for the worse. For five
years, she had nowhere to live but the streets of Cape Town. Her story isn’t an isolated
case. According to the Western Cape Government, there are close to 5 000 people who
are homeless in the city. Simply providing shelter and handouts isn’t working. So how do
we end the cycle of homelessness and addiction?
Three years ago, Jacobs joined Streetscapes, a gardening project that rehabilitates and
uplifts the homeless. Their urban garden grows vegetables to be sold to local
businesses and is tended by people who come off the street. The profits, along with
donations, go toward paying these budding gardeners. Working the land, gently
planting each seed, and watering the crops has given Jacobs a routine, responsibility,
and an income.
Andile Qongqo
Andile Qongqo writes notes to remember. When the artist’s fingers sweep across the
keys of a piano, a stillness descends. The smooth sounds of jazz are his forte, and in his
hands, the genre takes on an African resonance. That’s because Qongqo is narrating his
own profound tale.
Growing up in the dusty streets of Mangaung, there were no music programmes
available. As a result, Qongqo only began playing the piano at the age of 15. To hone his
talents, Qongqo practised in churches and amateur bands throughout his teenage
years. Today, he expresses the struggles, tears, and joys that he has witnessed and
experienced through music.
Last year, Qongqo released his debut album, Q Signature, which received multiple
nominations at the 2019 Mzantsi Jazz Awards.

Denzil Pillay
Fashion should enhance our self-esteem. Instead, Denzil Pillay’s confidence was shaken
by the lack of larger clothing sizes. Pillay’s early experiences have influenced his
direction as a designer today – one who is committed to making garments for every
body type. Adorned with rhinestones, feathers, and tassels, his designs encourage
people to show off who they are rather than shy away.
He forayed into fashion in 2014 when he started experimenting with makeup
application and clothing design. Pillay’s hidden talent has since come out to shine. His
creations are made for everyday people, catering to all genders and sizes. The models
that sashay in his work aren’t reed thin. Instead, their curves accentuate the finer details
of the designs, while the outfits ramp up the wearer’s confidence.

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There is no planet B. This singer calls on the world to face the music

30 April 2020 9:09 PM

Guest : Sarah Robyn Farrell | Founder at TransparenCI ZA |

At the heart of the universe there is music. The call of a bird, the rustle of leaves and the
crash of waves all culminate to compose nature’s symphony. But the noise of
destruction makes Mother Earth’s songs difficult to hear. So how do you get people to
Environmentalist Sarah Farrell’s solution is to sing a new tune for the future. From
rampant consumerism to the extinction of species, her songs highlight pressing issues
around the globe while providing sustainable solutions and cathartic release.

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Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change tracks COVID19 social fracture

28 April 2020 9:18 PM

Guest : Stuart Jones | Head at Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC) |

The Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change, at UCT has launched a six-month
project that will use social media analytics and advocacy to combat the spread of
misinformation about the coronavirus in South Africa and beyond.
The project aims to combat the spread of fake news about the COVID-19.

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Beautiful News

22 April 2020 10:03 PM

Guest : Solomon Mugutso

Where do you belong? Solomon Mugutso, a 42-year-old artist, was forced to leave his
home in Zimbabwe. When he relocated to South Africa, he struggled to find a space
that welcomed him. He felt displaced. But soon enough, he discovered more people like
him. Using art, Mugutso began creating a space where people could explore their
backgrounds and connect with each other.
Mugutso has exhibited in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and even across the seas in Sweden.
In 2019, he was the Most Recommended Artist at the Rosebank Rotary Arts Festival.

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