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Tubal Ligations

Tubal Ligations

Refilwe speaks to Dr Tracey Hinkel | Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital.

Once women have completed their families they should be given an option to choose
a permanent, once off, effective, lifelong form of contraception that is hormone free
and doesn’t require any follow up. All the other forms of female contraception (apart from Copper IUD) contain hormones which can cause side effects/or are contraindicated in some women e.g. headaches; mood changes, weight gain, decreased libido, DVT risk, effect on bone mineral density etc.

Whilst there are many nice non-contraceptive benefits of other methods (e.g. mirena
and petogen can stop heavy bleeding, COC lowers ovarian cancer risk and treats acne, etc.); oftentimes the women coming for this operation are choosing it primarily because of their negative experiences with other methods or the desire for a ‘do it once and never have to stress about it ever again”/”one-stop-shop” method.

Repeated trips to the local clinics for pills or injections are burdensome financially and often the patients have to wait the whole day at clinic before being helped.

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especially when it comes to producing the electricity we so desperately need to keep
businesses afloat.

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