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Lunch with Pippa Hudson

Join the conversation On the Yellow Couch just after 1 pm, when Pippa profiles interesting, brave, unusual and inspiring individuals. These intimate but relaxed discussions kick off her 2-hour program, which unpacks topics from local and international news to lifestyle and covering conversations ranging from health news and information to family, gardening, food and travel.

She also plays host to consumer journalist Wendy Knowler every Wednesday from 2 pm for ConsumerTalk, which provides useful insights and tips on how to make the most of your buying power.

After completing her Honours degree in English at the University of Witwatersrand, Philippa (Pippa) Hudson trained in radio news at Johannesburg’s ABC Ulwazi broadcasting school. Her on-air career started in 1998 as a news reporter at Classic FM, and a year later she moved to Cape Town to join a commercial radio station where she was later promoted first to News Editor and then to Station Manager in 2003.

Hudson opted for a short break from radio to raise her two young children, and during this period, developed a successful freelance business as a journalist and corporate writer. She was lured back into radio in 2008 by the opportunity to work at CapeTalk/702 as part of the Eyewitness News team.

“I have always considered these stations to be the premier radio news suppliers in South Africa, and the opportunity to get back on the air and be part of this dynamic team was one I relished,” she says. “It is a privilege and an exciting new challenge for me to fulfil the role of lunchtime host.”

Follow Pippa on twitter: @pjchudson

Afternoons with Pippa is produced by Amy-Rae Rispel - email:

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New Beginnings

CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson chats to inspiring individuals who have recently embarked on a new experience, changed their life for the better, or adopted a radical new approach to some new aspect of their life.

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Afternoons with Pippa Hudson

Catch up on what's been happening on the City's lifestyle scene with Pippa Hudson.

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Good to Know with Wendy Knowler

Consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler shares her expert advice on those things consumers really need insights on.

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Game of Thrones

After 8 years and 72 episodes, there remains only one to determine how it all ends and who takes the Iron Throne.

Pippa Hudson is joined by fellow GoT fans to look back at the series highlights, the things they hated and loved and whether the writers will ruin or restore our faith in the show.

Whatever you may feel, there is little doubt that this is the series of the century if not all time and it will all end on Monday 20 May.

Joining Pippa are the three friends of House Wyrd - Fazielah Williams, Tendai Sibindi and Leonie Mollentze and Primedia producer Nicola Bruns and her GoT Bff Elri Steenkamp.

Consider it the perfect preparation ahead of the last show and for those with FOMO take a listen to know what to drop into conversations to look like you know why half the planet has lost their mind about whether a dragon lady will get to sit on an iron throne.

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