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CapeTalk Classics with Sara-Jayne King
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Business Book : PLAY CLIP: ARX4 - 11'46'' 'Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook for Business Leaders', by Mariya Yao, Adelyn Zhou, and Marlene Jia
Ian Mann - Regular Book Reviewer and MD at Gateways Business Consultants

The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield

He plays host to major players in the business arena, from blue-chip company CEOs to industry experts, and the entrepreneurs making waves in South Africa.

Bruce interviews a well-known guest about their attitudes to money in Make Money Mondays, hosts a personal finance discussion with wealth manager Warren Ingram every Thursday, and is joined by Colin Cullis for Business Unusual – a feature that focuses on the disruptors: The people and companies driving the next industrial revolution.

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The producers of The Money Show are Cecile Basson ( and Thekiso Lefifi (

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Every week, The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield hosts a businessperson who has shown an ability to adapt to their conditions.

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Money Show FAQs

Listeners ask questions, and Bruce Whitfield puts it to experts in this educational feature.

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Personal Finance with Warren Ingram

Wealth manager, Warren Ingram's weekly contributions on The Money Show have built this impressive archive of audio content on a broad range of themes.

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Small Business Focus

Business growth specialist, Pavlo Phitidis shares great advice on the back of his insights from the world of Small Business.

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Andy Rice's Heroes and Zeros

Andy Rice discusses what' s hot and what's not in the world of advertising.

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Business Unusual

The best disruptors are focused on customers, not products; they use technology rather than fear it; they create new opportunities often where regulations don't exist and they are backed by those with deep pockets and an appetite for risk.

Colin Cullis presents stories of Business Unusual - those people and companies driving the next industrial revolution.

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Make Money Mondays

Each week, The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield interviews a well-known guest about their attitudes to money – their hopes and fears, successes and failures.

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The Money Show

An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.

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The Best of the Money Show

Bruce Whitfield brings listeners the best of the day’s business news and insights, presented in a manner that makes money matters accessible to a broad audience.

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Africa Business Report

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