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The journey of a transgender woman

3 June 2016 11:37 AM

Anastacia Thomson is a transgender activist who has fought very hard for the right to call herself a woman

Anastacia Tomson is someone who has fought very hard for the right to call herself a woman.

She is a medical doctor, a vocal feminist and a transgender activist.

She is also now an author, with the release of her book Always Anastacia – a transgender life in South Africa.

Anastacia says as a doctor herself, it was difficult dealing with a lack of understanding and compassion in the medical profession.

One of the root causes of this lack of empathy is you have never really interacted with a trans person on their terms, and seen them as a fellow human being instead of something very other.

Anastacia Tomson

She says she felt that very acutely in her interactions with doctors during her transition.

Anastacia says many friends have been wholeheartedly supportive, and through this challenging process have become even closer. She says her mom has also worked hard to meet her with understanding and support.

Home Affairs continues to be "a nightmare" for people who have transitioned, she says.

It took 50 weeks to get an ID to match who i am.

Anastacia Tomson

She hopes her book will create awareness, so that people develop more compassion and understanding when dealing with those going through this transition.

Anastacia Tomson's book _Always Anastacia - _a transgender life in South Africa retails at R140.00. Published by Jonathan Ball and available in all major bookstores.

Listen to the interview below:

3 June 2016 11:37 AM