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Residents can appeal green light on Bo Kaap development - councillor

20 June 2016 9:16 AM

Over 1 000 Cape Town residents signed a petition objecting to the Bo Kaap development which has been approved by the City.

The City of Cape Town's Municipal Planning Tribunal has approved the private development of a 19-storey block of flats in the historic Bo Kaap neighbourhood, despite resistance from residents.

Ward Councillor in the city bowl, Dave Bryant says that 1 017 objections were formally registered to the City against the private development.

The main objections related to parking, traffic congestion and the impact on the iconic area's heritage, Bryant explains.

According to Bryant, residents are welcome to appeal the approval of the application at the Planning and General Appeals Committee.

He explains that the tribunal conducted interviews with residents and took their concerns into consideration, however they had no legal obligation not to give the go-ahead.

In terms of legislative requirements, there was nothing that prevented the City from allowing the application to go through.

Dave Bryant, Ward Councillor

He says there has also been debates about whether the development area falls within the Bo Kaap region.

The development, pegged to become a retail block, will centre within Buitengracht, Longmarket, Shortmarket and Rose Streets.

Listen to the full conversation from CapeTalk's Breakfast with Kieno Kammies:

20 June 2016 9:16 AM

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