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Why Turkey remains vulnerable to terror attacks

30 June 2016 6:24 AM

Turkey's geographical location, in addition to the policies of its government, have historically made the country more vulnerable.

Turkey has a long history of terrorism and targeted attacks, explains terror expert Jasmine Opperman.

This comes after two explosions and rampant shooting at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul on Tuesday night, killing at least 36 people and wounding 147 others.

Opperman has defended Turkish government, following claims that terror warnings were issued a day before the attack.

She says that Turkey is neighbour to Isis controlled states, and is threatened by radical groups within its country.

According to Opperman, there are reportedly 900 Turkish citizens fighting for Isis in Syria, in addition to other terrorist groups within the nation.

Turkey has been faced with numerous terror-related problems - one of them its border with Syria and Isis.

Jasmine Opperman, TRAC Director

She says that South African government needs to implement a counter-terrorist strategy that raises awareness about high risk areas for travel.

Listen to the full conversation:

30 June 2016 6:24 AM

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