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Good Morning Cape Town with Lester Kiewit
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Las Paletas supply artisan lollies made from 100% natural products

24 August 2016 4:03 PM

Nominated for the Small Business Awards for its professionalism and the all natural ice-cream on a stick they offer.

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Las Paletas has been in operation for over three years. They are the manufactures of artisan ice cream on a stick using 100% natural real fruits and dairy.

Co-owner Jason Sandell says they started the company after they realised there was a potential niche market for their product.

We figured out when we made some lollies for our friends at a dinner party that this is something unique and different.

Jason Sandell, Co-owner

They only use products that are proudly South African. Sandell says the strawberries are from Stellenbosch and the dairy from Durbanville.

The reason they use real fruit is because the natural sugar in fruit is healthier than refined sugar, and because they are very conscious about not using processed ingredients in their products.

We always say to our customers that there is a sprinkle of sugar and not a teaspoon that goes into this lollies.

Jason Sandell, Co-owner

Listen to the full conversation below:

24 August 2016 4:03 PM

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