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Independent school adopts 'agreements' with learners for code of conduct

1 September 2016 5:47 PM

Capella House has a progressive and inclusive approach to behaviour guidelines within the school.

In the light of the national debate around school codes of conduct relating to rules about hair and language in many schools around the country, Capella House in Fish Hoek, has a progressive and inclusive policy on how to formulate the school code of conduct.

Head of the school Sue Raath spoke to CapeTalk's John Maytham about how they work with 'agreements' between staff and learners to come up with behaviour guidelines at the school.

Raath says they do not believe traditional discipline systems are effective and they in no way empower learners. They have an inclusive and consultative approach.

Listen to the interview with Sue Raath below:

A caller phoned in who has a child at the school and says an 8 week parent training programme is suggested to help parents be included as well. It also enables parents to sign contracts and commitments to adopt a different parenting style at home, though this is encouraged and not enforced.

Listen to the caller below:

1 September 2016 5:47 PM