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11 ways to protect yourself on a first date (besides ordering an 'angel shot')

17 January 2017 12:02 PM

Women can often find themselves in scenarios, such as first dates, where things get uncomfortable or they fear for their safety.

Restaurants and social establishments around the world are taking precautions to help keep women safe while on dates.

The "angel shot" is a coded phrase that women can use at participating bars if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

If you order an “angel shot" at the bar, the bartender will discreetly help you out with an escape plan.

These posters have been placed in women's bathroom cubicles at Hooters branches across South Africa.

If you order it "neat", you will be escorted to your car. “With ice” means someone must arrange transport for you and "with lime" is a request to call the police.

Listeners shared the safety precautions they take on dates:

1. make sure your phone is fully charged
2. give your date location to a friend or family member
3. never leave your drinks unattended
4. or keep an eye out for your friends drink/cover their drinks
5. ask to be escorted to your car
6. always trust your instinct if you feel uncomfortable
7. go to a restaurant that you are familiar with
8. do not get fetched by your date, rather grab an Uber yourself
9. ensure that a friend or family member has your date's contact details
10. take and send pictures of your date and their car and forward to friends
11. give your friend or family member regular updates on your whereabouts and safety

While some listeners commend the initiative, they also lament the fact that women live in constant fear because predators are a normalised part of society.

I think it's good... Going out to meet a strange man is putting yourself in danger. We already do so many things to keep ourselves safe.

Zukiswa, caller

I'm so impressed by the initiative but I wish that we did't have to go to those extremes. You shouldn't have to feel that you're risking your life by existing.

Thandokuhle, caller

Take a listen to their tips:

17 January 2017 12:02 PM