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Sobriety advocate Janet Gourand pens moving letter on living without alcohol

6 March 2017 10:39 AM

Sobriety advocate Janet Gourand wrote a touching goodbye letter to alcohol and shared it on air, along with advice on staying dry.

Sobriety advocate Janet Gourand wrote an inspiring letter about her toxic relationship with alcohol on her one year soberversary (the anniversary of her sobriety).

Gourand is a recovering alcoholic and the founder of World Without Wine, a sobriety community which provides support and workshops.

She stopped drinking on 23 May 2015 and says the letter wasn't easy to pen, but it ended up being a beautiful gift to herself.

When she stopped drinking alcohol, Gourand says she spent a lot of time on online sobriety platforms.

She was inspired to write her own letter after reading a similar post addressing alcoholism.

Gourand has since established a website dedicated to people's goodbye letters to alcohol.

Alcohol can be as damaging as an abusive and violent lover. Thinking of alcohol as a person was very powerful in my case. Some of us have to let it go if we want to survive, just as we have to let go of an abusive lover.

Janet Gourand, sobriety advocate

She read her letter on air with presenter Eusebius Mckaiser and listeners called in to share their personal stories.

Take a listen to her recite it and read the full transcript here:

You can also write your own letter on

6 March 2017 10:39 AM