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Technobyte: The stand-out innovations and inventions from CES 2018

15 January 2018 11:29 AM

CES has been a fascinating start to 2018!

Take a listen to techno correspondent Aki Anastasiou on the best inventions and innovations from CES 2018:

This year we saw the battle for our voices with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant fighting out for dominance in our lives.

These voice engines are going mainstream and are being embedded into most all of the new technologies around us that we saw at CES. Voice is in the car, in our TV’s, fridges, vacuum cleaners, robots, and medical devices – the future of interacting with technology is going to be with your voice.

Everything around us is connected, and this year the Internet of things, together with health devices, highlighted the real word around us driven by technology.

At CES 2018 we saw the massive advances that have been made in autonomous driving. Cars that will drive themselves are no longer a sci-fi movie. They are real and are coming sooner than we think.

The golden thread linking all of these technologies is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today’s gadgets have become intuitive and smart thanks to the speed of processing power and the fact that computers today teach themselves.

The more interaction and input from human the better they get. Between the drones, the robots, the voice assistants, the televisions, the health care devices it was a difficult choice choosing our top gadget from CES 2018. Here are some that stood out.

Sony’s robotic dog Aibo stole the robotic show. The latest iteration of the robot is packed with AI and sensors. It is unique because this time the robotic dog learns from you. You have to train in the same way you teach a puppy.

LG released a 65-inch 4K television that rolls up like a magazine. It literally rolls into a compartment so that when you don’t need to use it, you have the flexibility of using the space in your home for other things. The future of foldable screens has just opened up!

Samsung released a massive television called The Wall. Measuring almost 4 metres in width, this television literally lives up to its name. Samsung says their new TV is modular, so customers can actually customise the size of their TV’s based on their needs.

The world’s first automated laundry folding robot called Laundroid was launched at CES. It uses cameras and artificial intelligence to scan your clothes, determine what item it is and the best way to fold it.

Uber’s competitor Lyft, partnered with BMW, and has self-driving vehicles driving delegates to 20 different locations to demonstrate the power of autonomous driving.

For those who struggle to sleep, Philips introduced a smart headband to help you sleep better. SmartSleep is uniquely designed with two small sensors that detect periods of slow wave sleep and intervene with clinically proven technology to boost it in real time. It produces customized audio tones that enhance the depth and duration of slow wave sleep.

This article first appeared on 702 : Technobyte: The stand-out innovations and inventions from CES 2018

15 January 2018 11:29 AM

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