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Breakfast with Refilwe Moloto
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Update: Western Province Rugby will act on racist spectators

6 October 2014 8:10 AM

Following a call to Kieno, WP Rugby committed to investigate and act on racism at the ground. This morning an update on what has developed.

This is an update to the call about racial abuse aimed at black players during the Springbok match against Australia at Newlands on 27 September.

Clayden Burger, who had reported it was contacted by two of the men accused of using racist language, he spoke to Kieno this morning and played a clip from one of the conversations.

This is how the story began.

The on-field performance by the winning Springboks against the Wallabies at DHL Newlands on Saturday 27 September was of some consolation to some rugby fans who had to overhear racist taunts thrown at players of colour.

Eddie of Stanford spoke to Kieno Kammies on the Monday morning after the match, and said that his son had to endure a tirade of abuse after raising objections to a group of men who allegedly shouted the K-word at players of colour each time a mistake was made in the game. He said he would be following up on the matter.

Rob Wagner, the MD of Western Province Rugby told Kieno that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable and is in fact covered by Rule 11 of their Stadium Rules.

He said that they have processes in place that can be followed on match day, but in this case they will also be following up on the matter as their ticketing system requires a phone number to be provided when bookings are made.

6 October 2014 8:10 AM