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WCED appeal: If your child accepted at more than one school, make choice quickly

17 May 2019 8:42 AM

Communication director Bronagh Hammond says this will open up spaces for other applicants for the 2020 school year.

With deadlines looming for school placements for 2020, it's that time of year when parents anxiously start awaiting acceptance or rejection letters from their chosen schools for their kids.

In the Western Cape, competition for the top schools is stiff.

Pippa Hudson, standing in for Kieno Kammies, speaks to Bronagh Hammond, director of communication at the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Hammond says a pilot project for online applications is well under way and parents have already started receiving letters of acceptance.

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That is why we start the process so early so we can phase in these stages where, yes, now the sifting process is happening, parents are finding out and then once we reach the stage where schools have to had to inform our parents - parents will then have a ten-day period in which to say to the schools whether they've accepted or not accepted.

Bronagh Hammond, Director of communication - WCED

If a parent has not done that by the tenth day.. that will automatically show us as the department, now school A, B and C are open for alternative people who have not been accepted at those schools.

Bronagh Hammond, Director of communication - WCED

Hammond says that by July or August, the department will be able to start finalising its lists for schools - she describes it as placing the pieces of a puzzle according to parents' order of school preference.

She appeals to parents who receive letters of acceptance from more than one school to make their choice quickly so that other parents can then be informed that spaces have opened up for their children.

Please ensure that you inform and make that decision early because you know the stress that you've been under, don't bring that stress on to other parents as well.

Bronagh Hammond, Director of communication - WCED

For more information on the placement process, listen below:

17 May 2019 8:42 AM