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A mother campaigns for her rights to breatsfeed in public

8 July 2015 5:02 PM

A petition soliciting protection for mothers breastfeeding in public will be sent to Minister of Health and Minister of Justice.

Sizile Makola is at the forefront of a campaign to normalise breastfeeding in public. The campaign was initiated after Makola was asked by a private hospital to breast feed her 15 month old baby behind a curtain after another patient complained.

Makola has taken to twitter to promote the hashtag #BreastFeedAnywhereAnytime and there is also a petition on

CapeTalk Presenter John Maytham spoke to Sizile Makola to tell us more about the campaign:

My biggest concern and what really angered me is that a public health facility that promotes and encourages mothers to breastfeed was telling me to go and breastfeed behind a closed curtain. I didn’t see anything wrong with the fact that my daughter wanted to breastfeed and I was seating there…

Sizile Makola

Makola says that perhaps the individual who was bothered by her breastfeeding her daughter should’ve went behind the curtain until she was done breastfeeding and not the other way around.

Listen to the full conversation on The John Maytham Show:

8 July 2015 5:02 PM