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LeadSA ChangeMakers 2019 celebrates positive Changemakers

6 November 2019 3:55 PM

Kunisi Water founder Murendeni Mafumo was crowned Hero of the Year.

Congratulations are in order for Murendeni Mafumo, the founder of Kunisi Water, for scooping the LeadSA Hero Of The year 2019 award.

Murendeni was crowned at the 5th Lead SA ChangeMakers conference which took place at Primedia Place, Johannesburg on Saturday.

Kusini Water is a social enterprise focused on providing clean, safe water to people in Africa, particularly in areas with challenges to sustainable safe drinking water.

Murendi founded Kusini Water to attend to water supply challenges through the locally designed water treatment systems that use nanotechnology and macadamia nutshells.

The solar-powered system uses off-waste macadamia nutshells as activated carbon to produce clean water.

At the same event, LeadSA paid homage to the women in South Africa and crowned them the Changemakers for 2019.

Every year LeadSA recognises a Changemaker that perfectly demonstrates active citizenry and courage to effect positive change in South Africa.

Primedia Broadcasting marketing manager Lulu Mthimkhulu said the Changemakers award rightfully belonged to the women of South Africa.

For every contrast, you are given an opportunity to know exactly what you want and what you don't want. And South African women this year had contrast and we knew what we wanted and what we didn't want. And that's why we saw all the marches that took place and we all got together and said enough is enough. And we are all coming together in different pockets in different parts of the country and we are offering solutions.

What is the solution to end this violence? We will not go down because certain people believe that we don't have the right to exist. We will fight and state our cases. And so I think the Changemaker of the Year rightfully belongs to all the South African women.

Primedia Broadcasting Marketing Manager, Lulu Mthimkhulu

LeadSA’s Changemakers event celebrates individuals who have made a positive contribution to building South Africa and seek to inspire those that wish to have a similar impact.

This year’s theme was “Breaking Through To Excellence” and the line-up of speakers and artists revealed how they resonate with the theme.

The event ran concurrently with the 2019 Rugby World Cup final in Japan where the Springboks emerged victorious over England.

November 2019 was truly memorable, well done to our Hero of the Year, Muendeni Mafumo, the women of South Africa and the Springboks.

Check out the Hero Of The Year being crowned below.

This article first appeared on LeadSA : LeadSA ChangeMakers 2019 celebrates positive Changemakers

6 November 2019 3:55 PM

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