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What are we celebrating this International Men’s Day?

19 November 2019 3:24 PM

International Men’s Day shines a spotlight on men and boys doing good.

Today marks International Men's Day, which is celebrated annually on the 19th November to focus on men's and boys' health.

The emphasis is on improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, highlighting discrimination against men and acknowledging male role models.

Today we celebrate boys' and men's achievements and contributions in society.

These men embody the essence of active citizenry we stand for at LeadSA. We encourage them to keep positively impacting others.

Take a look at men we have had the privilege of seeing their passion for impacting others.

Founder of The Character Company, Jaco van Schalkwyk.

The Character Company is a nonprofit organisation (NPO) that actively works with communities through its mentorship programmes to support young boys growing up with absent fathers and no positive male role models. The NPO mentors the boys to be good men.

Learn more about The Character Company here:

Founder of Atlegang Bana Foundation, Katlego Thwane

Atlegang Bana Foundation tutors 250 children in Soweto to help them improve in their subjects.

Katlego went from converting his bedroom to a classroom every weekend to expanding to 250 pupils and moving to a nearby school.

He has managed to ignite hope and empower pupils in the community of Soweto.

Learn more about Atlegang Bana here:

Mavhutu Dzege collects and donates school shoes for underprivileged kids.

Mavhutu also ran a race barefoot to create awareness about the long distances that a lot of underprivileged children walk to school.

Founder of Kusini Water, Murendi Mafumo

Murendi founded Kusini Water to tackle water supply problems through the locally designed water treatment systems that use nanotechnology and macadamia nutshells.

Founder of Gaefele Enterprise, Ben Mashao

Ben founded Gaefele Enterprise (GFE) to empower and inspire youth through sports, education, arts and cultural activities.

Gentlemen, we see you and celebrate you.

We have a responsibility to make the world a better place.

It could be as simple as making a stranger smile or as big as fighting to further the rights entrenched in our Constitution.

Each act makes a difference

This article first appeared on LeadSA : What are we celebrating this International Men’s Day?

19 November 2019 3:24 PM

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