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Donating your body to science will assist in the training of tomorrow's doctors

9 July 2015 4:58 PM

UCT's Human Biology Department encourages listeners to sign up to donate their body to the medical students to dissect.

Burying one’s body has been for years a dignified way to send off someone and an opportunity to respect the dead. But donating your body to science is a vital part of medical education as it contributes to the training of tomorrow’s doctors and other health care professionals.

We spoke to Prof Graham Louw, Professor of Anatomy at UCT’s Human Biology department.

I think the concept of donating your entire body for medical students and other health rehabilitation students to dissect, is probably a little far down the line for most people to accept. But I must add that the University of Pretoria works through the Organ Donation Foundation to obtain the bodies ….

Prof Graham Louw, Professor of Anatomy at UCT

The Faculty of Health Sciences at UCT encourages people to donate their bodies for anatomical study.

The following criteria has to be met to make a donation :

  • The donor having a body size that exceeds our storage capabilities (e.g. not exceeding a weight of 90-100kgs).

  • Having undergone extensive surgery close to the time of death.

  • Having undergone a post mortem examination.

  • If any organs (other than cornea) have been donated at time of death for transplant purposes.

  • If the cause of death has been the result of major trauma.

Listen to The full conversation on The John Maytham Show:

9 July 2015 4:58 PM