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[UPDATE] SPCA and independent vet denied access to Kataza in City facility

11 September 2020 1:38 PM
Kataza the baboon
Baboon management

Cape of Good Hope SPCA, independent veterinarian, and SAPS denied access to Westlake Conservation Centre on Thursday.

Kataza the baboon has made headlines over the past weeks after Human Wildlife Solutions (HWS) the body contracted by the City of Cape Town, relocated this adult male from his troop in Slangkop, Kommetjie to Tokai.

Ther have been divergent views on these actions, and it has raised a broader and important question about how humans are managing wildlife in Cape Town, and to what extent the Baboon Technical Team (BTT) guidelines permitting a protocol of daily paintballing, firing bare bangers, relocation of males, and killings, is sanctioned in global baboon management strategies.

But as time passes, the SPCA has expressed increasing concern about his well-being.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has been monitoring Kataza daily and its vets have made periodic checks on his health, but with ongoing concerns for the baboon's wellbeing, it employed the services of an independent veterinarian, Gina du Toit. She has extensive experience working with wildlife.

Du Toit's role was to accompany the SPCA inspectors Inspectors to observe Kataza and to provide a report on his health and wellbeing.

On Thursday, however, Kataza was allegedly captured and taken to the Westlake Conservation Centre, which is owned by the City of Cape Town.

The SPCA inspectorate and Du Toit were denied access to the property, obstructing them from the execution of their duties.

IN the SPCA Facebook post they state that they attempted to contact representatives of the City of Cape Town and phone calls went unanswered.

They noted that the only alternative was to obtain a court order in terms of the Animals Protection Act to gain access to the property so that a veterinary assessment can take place.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) was on the scene and was also denied access to the CIty-owned facility.

Gina du Toit and an SPCA inspector did manage to catch up with Kataza once he was released from the premises. They were able to walk alongside Kataza as he made his way up Silvermine and conduct a level of observation.

CapeTalk has covered the issue of Kataza specifically but importantly the management of baboons more broadly in an effort to allow all views to be heard. Find all the interviews below:

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On Thursday the SPCA can be seen waiting outside the gates of Westlake Conservation Centre. They were denied access.

11 September 2020 1:38 PM
Kataza the baboon
Baboon management

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