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[WATCH] Brave student fire marshals help put out flames at Fuller and Smuts res

23 April 2021 7:42 AM

A group of subwardens and volunteers from Smuts Hall res have been praised for going beyond the call of duty to fight the fires on campus.

A video has been widely shared on social media showing a team of students who helped quell the fires on upper campus residences.

The Fuller Hall and Smuts Hall student residences were badly damaged by the fires that spread to UCT's upper campus on Sunday.

Around 4,000 students had to evacuate their rooms as the fire spread.

But a team of brave students led by Smuts Hall warden Warden Prof Kelly Chibale stayed behind to help stop the fire from spreading further at Fuller Hall and Smuts Hall.

In a video posted on the Smuts Hall Facebook page, the team of students was acknowledged for their brave efforts.

What was meant to be a duty to extinguish fires until firefighters arrived soon become a job to aid outnumbered fighters but also direct them through the flats with no protective gear. Their actions shall not go unrecognised in the SMULLER community.

Smuts Hall Residence via Facebook

University management has announed that students will be able to return to their residences from Thursday.

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Once the residences have been cleaned and approved in terms of occupational health and safety, students will be able to return.

UCT will make alternative arrangements for those residences deemed unsafe due to fire damage.

23 April 2021 7:42 AM