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[WATCH] John Kani rallies a suffering nation to ‘buy local’ in emotional new ad

14 July 2020 7:59 PM

It’s game time, Mzansi, says legend-of-legends John Kani. Arabile Gumede interviews advertising expert Andy Rice.

Legendary actor John Kani rallies a struggling nation in Proudly South African’s new campaign.

It’s powerful stuff.

Screengrab from "Game Time", Proudly South African's new campaign featuring legendary actor John Kani (

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“Closed” and “To Let” signs everywhere point to the economic devastation left behind by Covid-19 and the resultant lockdown.

In once scene, a tear rolls down a woman’s cheek after spotting herself in an old headline reading “SA Premier Business Awards” – her dream shattered, and life’s work gone.

Kani - in his calm, authoritative voice - implores us, his compatriots, to buy local, to save jobs and the nation.

The rallying call saddens but, ultimately, inspires.

Arabile Gumede (in for Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show) asked branding and advertising expert Andy Rice for comment.

My problem is… I’m not sure it leaves anybody with any idea of what to do next… What is a locally produced product? … Research shows that people in South Africa don’t know which brands are imported and which ones are locally produced.

Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

Watch the moving Proudly South African advert below.

14 July 2020 7:59 PM

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