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CPT + Up & Running

Cape Town positions itself as top BPO destination

19 June 2020 3:23 PM

The City of Cape Town is committed to growing Cape Town's BPO sector by providing a steady skills pipeline.

CPT+Up & Running is a brand new feature hosted by Kieno Kammies which takes an in-depth look at how the City of Cape Town's Invest Cape Town initiative plans to increase awareness, attractiveness, and competitiveness of the city as a place to do business. Don’t miss an episode, tune into Today with Kieno Kammies every Monday and Wednesday or subscribe to the feature, here.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has presented businesses with challenges, it has also afforded South Africa and especially Cape Town, the opportunity to showcase itself as an attractive destination for countries in lockdown, to outsource their business operations through Business Process Outsourcing.

South Africa's Business Process Outsourcing sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world. It is one of the three most preferred Business Process Outsourcing destinations in the world, and over 50% of the companies in the BPO sector are situated in Cape Town.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO for short, is a business practice in which businesses outsource processes by sub-contracting different business operations to third-party service providers, most of which are call centres specialising in customer service management.

In recognition of the sector's potential for job creation and investment – the City of Cape Town wants to make it easier for companies to invest in BPO services and, is prioritising the sector which currently employs over 60,000 people in the Western Cape.

Demonstrating its commitment to the sector, The City of Cape Town has appointed Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPeSA Western Cape) as its strategic business partner, responsible for the growth and development of the Call Centre and BPO sector. The partnership forms part of the City’s Economic Action Plan which sets out to mitigate the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and, and steer it towards recovery.

In this episode, Kieno Kammies chats with the City of Cape Town's Alderman James Vos and BPeSA Western Cape's Gareth Pritchard and Clayton Williams about the importance of the BPO sector to Cape Town and how the City of Cape Town works to enable investment and job creation in the sector.

What we try and do, is bring organisations from overseas who are running their contact centres elsewhere and encourage them to set up in the Cape or more broadly, in South Africa.

Gareth Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer — BPeSA Western Cape

The industry has not just been really resilient... Whilst Covid has been a crisis, this has forced the sector into an expedited migration to digital transformation.

Clayton Williams, incoming Chief Executive Officer — BPeSA Western Cape

In case you missed it, Kieno also chatted to Alderman James Vos about the importance of the BPO sector and the need for a steady skills pipeline.

We've seen the BPO sector as a key component of the city's economic readiness and recovery plan.

Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities

Since the start of this financial year (July 2019 to date) the City has seen investments in this sector of approx R954-million, which has resulted in just under 3000 new job opportunities.

Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities

By working together, as one city, we can overcome the economic impact of Covid-19 on our city. The City and Invest Cape Town are here to help rebuild our economy. Visit and tell us how you and your business have adapted and innovated to combat the effects of Covid-19.

19 June 2020 3:23 PM

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