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Meet the Africa Genius Awards 2022 Finalists

Meet the Africa Genius Awards 2022 Finalists

It’s time for African geniuses to have a stake in shaping the future of our society, and time for them to be recognised.

The definition of an African Genius according to Priority Performance Projects: “Any individual who possesses unique characteristics and skills and has used them to address challenges or to impact African societies in ways that are uplifting, transformative, build the esteem of Africans and inspire them to make significant contributions to the continent and its countries’ development in different ways.”


Graeme Codrington

Ahmad Siraj Bah

(Sierra Leone)

Alhaji Ahmad Siraj Bah is a 22-year-old social entrepreneur and the CEO of “Ragsul Trading” from Kono District, Eastern province of Sierra Leone. At age 17, he started his paper bag company & a few months later it expanded into charcoal briquettes, are produced from coconut waste. He now runs an environmentally friendly company which is passionate about promoting environmental sustainability in Africa.

Dion Chang

Tilahun Alemu


Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is an Ethiopian businesswoman, founder, and executive director of SoleRebels, Africa's "fastest growing footwear company". Alemu has received honors and accolades for her business acumen, as well as her efforts to shift the discourse on Africa away from poverty to the continent's entrepreneurial spirit, social capital, and economic potential.

Rapelang Rabana

Ishmeal Alfred

(Sierra Leone)

Mr Ishmael Alfred Charles is a former child soldier and a survivor of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war who was kidnapped during the war by the rebels at 14-years old. He witnessed terrible horrors, but this did not stop him and from this experience he always wanted to be someone who will help his community rather than destroy it. Charles, now 29, helps Sierra Leoneans struggling in poverty as the country recovers from the civil war.

Dr Luyanda Mpahlwa


(Sierra Leone)

Kelvin Bokai Doe (also known as DJ focus) is the founder and president of the Kelvin Doe Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed to empowering young people in Africa to design innovative solutions to tackle some of the most critical issues in their communities.

Gamelihle Sibanda

Nana Kwame


Nana Kwame Bediako has been a successful developer in the Ghanaian real estate space for nearly 20 years. He has designed and constructed over 500 residential and retail units across the nation in pursuit of a vision to change the face of industrialization in Ghana.


Nourane Fotsing Moluh


Nourane Foster is a Cameroonian politician, entrepreneur, and member of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN) in the National Assembly since March 2020. She is the founder of the Nourishka brand and manages the companies Nourishka Hair, Nourishka Cosmetics and Nourishka Hotel.


Professor PLO


Prof. PLO Lumumba is an eloquent Kenyan legal practitioner and an Advocate of the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania. He has received many prestigious Recognition and Awards from local and international renowned organizations and institutions. Further, Prof PLO is trained on Humans Rights at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies University of London in England, Humanitarian Law at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of the University of Lund, Sweden and on International Humanitarian Law in Geneva, Switzerland.



(South Africa)

Vusi Thembekwayo is a South African business mogul, global business speaker, author, and CEO of My Growth Fund Venture Capital. He is considered one of the richest young people in Africa.




Mr Waterz Yidana is a Ghanaian multiple award-winning playwrights & poet. He has written several articles and essays that border on social, political, & religious issues.



(South Africa)

Wiselady Marikhela is an entrepreneur, nurse, and ECD practitioner who is pursuing her LLB Degree. After discovering a huge gap in the market for handmade products for African skin that do not have chemicals or harsh products, she saw an opportunity to give women a healthier alternative for clear and glowing skin by starting a skin care line called Nakie Skincare.

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