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The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield
Business Unusual
Mining of the future could help spare the planet or ruin it

Mining of the future could help spare the planet or ruin it

26 August 2020 7:29 PM

Minerals are synonymous with wealth but they are finite and we need more

5 000 years of ever increasing mining activity with bigger and bigger mines blasting and digging to incredible depths is starting to make the effort to find minerals too expensive. To find more we have begun investigating where they all came from in the first place - the undersea volcanoes that power the tectonic plates.

image credit: Koelle, Wikipedia - a ploy metallic nodule from the ocean floor

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South Africa needs batteries, here are some we might use

14 October 2020 7:25 PM

Over 1000 MW of renewable energy will be added to the grid in the next year, we need a way to store it. 

One major drawback that is often made about renewables is that they don’t work when the sun does not shine or there is no wind. That is true but a greater drawback is that often when they do work, we have enough power but not enough during the peaks. 

An age old issue has been how to store enough energy efficiently so we can use everything we generate. 

Right now power stations produce too much energy during the middle of the night only to be short during the morning and afternoon peak. It is unlikely we can get everyone to use electricity in a way that there is no peak, so we need another solution - storage.

Image credit: Pixabay

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A business bedtime story about Robinhood

7 October 2020 7:24 PM

There are many aspects to this subject and I am only mentioning the basic principles rather than the specific benefits or drawbacks of the platforms and companies mentioned. 

Consider this as a business bedtime story instead. It has heroes and villains, dramatic events and an ending that while not a fairy tale ending might not be a bad one either.

A reference was made about the arrest of John McAfee. The reports of wrongdoing are allegations and have not been proved as yet.

Guest: Colin Cullis | Business Unusual Correspondent  at Money Show

image credit:

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An inconvenient truth - plastic recycling does not work

30 September 2020 7:25 PM

Most plastic was never intended to be recycled, but we have believed the story for decades

Guest: Colin Cullis | Business Unusual Correspondent  at Money Show

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Business Unusual- Smart Homes

9 September 2020 7:28 PM

The cost and benefits are making home automation easy and affordable

There are two parts to this look at what smart homes will look like in the future.

The first part relates to making it more convenient for home living the second how our homes can become part of managing the national grid system in a more sustainable way.

Image credit: Daniil Peshkov

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How the Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks the state of the US stock market

2 September 2020 7:25 PM

Almost a century after it began the last original stock is removed from the index

In 1928, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was expanded to list 30 stocks, 92 years later there are still 30 stocks that make up the index, but on 1 September 2020 the last original stock, ExxonMobil was removed. This is the story of how the index came about, how it helped investors better understand the market and if it still can.

Image credit: QuoteInspector

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Epic battle royal between Apple, Google and Fortnite

19 August 2020 7:27 PM

Here are some of the arguments that will form part of the discussion around the upcoming court case to determine if Apple and Google have to change the fees policy or if Epic will be made to take it or leave it. The implications are significant for more than just the three companies involved.

Image credit: Yael Weiss

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It has not been a good year for rubber

12 August 2020 7:27 PM

We made a mistake with rubber that may prove difficult to erase. We make too much of it in the wrong place and don’t appreciate just how big a problem it will be if the industry collapses.

Guest: Colin Cullis/ Correspondent at money show 

Image credit: Greg Hume - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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A warning for the future, we do not think enough about our actions

5 August 2020 7:25 PM

Despite being one of the few animals that think about the future, we don’t think far enough

It seems unlikely that the world will ever forget the disruption of Covid-19, yet most did not think we would see something like this in 2020. Odds are you had not even heard of the Spanish flu of 1918 even though now you know lots about it. 

For those that lived through it, the expectation was that so much had been written and recorded about it that it would serve as a warning to never let it happen again. But it did.

Image credit: Gustavo Frazao

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How social media became a dumpster fire and what to do about it

29 July 2020 7:26 PM

The internet was funded by the US military and developed by the academic community to provide a place to openly and easily share information. It was supposed to be a place to test ideas, to contest theories and to challenge views.

Now that you can, it does not work quite as intended.

Image credit: Bill Ward - Flickr


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