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Afternoon Drive with John Maytham
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Afternoon Drive with John Maytham
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Lunch with Pippa Hudson
Office for Students with Disabilities opens at UWC

Office for Students with Disabilities opens at UWC

3 October 2019 2:19 PM

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Quarantunes with Cindy Alter

16 July 2020 3:10 PM

Guest: Cindy Alter | Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Song at The Band:'Clout'

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Lockdown's impact on tax filing: Claiming for working from home

16 July 2020 2:45 PM

Guest: Matthew Haddon | Director  at Simple Tax - Tax Consultants

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Greener Living: Lockdown Gardening with Cherise Viljoen

16 July 2020 2:14 PM

Guest: Cherise Viljoen | Nursery Manager at Kirstenbosch Gardens

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The impact of the pandemic on the hotel industry

16 July 2020 1:49 PM

Guest: Tim Cordon | Radisson Hotel Group’s Area Senior Vice President for Middle East and Africa

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Consumer Talk with Wendy Knowler: Flying in the time of Covid-19

15 July 2020 3:30 PM

Wendy Alberts | CEO at Restaurant Association Of South Africa
Ram Barkai
Kirby Gordon | Chief marketing officer at FlySafair

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Cars with Ciro: Replacement car keys

15 July 2020 2:31 PM

Guest: Ciro de Siena | Motoring Journalist at

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SA architect leads the pack at international awards ceremony

15 July 2020 1:44 PM

Guest: Robertson-based architect Jaco Booysens 

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City Nature Reserves - when will they reopen?

14 July 2020 4:37 PM

Guests:  Shayne Krige –     Attorney dealing with City to get reserves open 

               Julia Wood    –     Manager for Biodiversity Management at the City of Cape Town

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Quarantunes with Branton Charles

14 July 2020 4:30 PM

Guest: Branton Charles | A local artist, born and raised in the Mother City. He grew up in Portlands, Mitchell’s Plain, 

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Lockdown Cookbook: De Waal’s Pizza Eggs

14 July 2020 4:23 PM

•           2 large tomatoes
•           4 eggs
•           ½ cup loosely grated cheddar cheese (De Waal prefers to use mature cheddar)
•           Pinch of dried oregano
•           Cut the end of the tomato off and squeeze the pips and liquid out, then slice very thinly.  Heat a little butter in a frying pan large enough for 4 eggs, and add the tomato slices.  
•           Cover and cook over a low heat, covered, until the tomatoes are soft, 4 minutes.
•           Crack and place the 4 eggs on top of the tomatoes.
•           Add a sprinkling of grated cheese over each egg yolk, then add a sprinkling of oregano over the cheese.
•           Finish with a grind or two of black pepper over the top.
•           Cover the pan with a lid and cook until done. An easy way the check is the remove the lid every 15 seconds and shake the pan.  If the whites have not firmed up, replace the lid and wait another 15 seconds.
•           Serve with finely sliced crispy bacon strips and sautéed mushrooms if you want to fancy it up a bit  

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