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Start ups-Pushcart App

Start ups-Pushcart App

28 September 2020 11:03 AM

Guest: Aiden Classe.

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Taste Test Mondays with Instapot

19 October 2020 12:01 PM

It's Taste Test Monday's !!! Today we are joined by Anita Nesbit, she's the  Marketing Manager for Instant Pot. What is Instant Pot you ask? besides being in the  5 items sold by Amazon and Target in the US it's basically  a pressure cooker, slow-cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker all in one . Anita has prepared a chees cake for us using the Instant Pot

The New York Times describes Instant Pot as a phenomenon, "the kitchen gadget which spawned a religion"…but what exactly is an Instant Pot and why do you think it’s done so well?

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Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

19 October 2020 11:56 AM

brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the global lockdown. There is arguably a greater opportunity now than ever before, to apply new lenses and make changes that weren’t previously deemed possible outside of the status quo and popular frames.

There is potential for systemic shifts that could usher in institutional reform and the re-organisation of our social system. But for this to be possible, we need new leaders who can pave the way for innovative institutional transformation across all levels of society, towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable African continent.
 Now the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is looking to support a cohort of new leaders through its scholarship programme and here to talk to us today about the Bertha Scholarship, is Fergus Turner, programme manager and advisor at the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Back to Financial Planning 101…..Mr President

19 October 2020 11:44 AM

With certified financial planner Paul Roelofse.

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Ramaphosa's Economic Recovery Plan

19 October 2020 11:12 AM

Its called the  Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan with a  R1 Trillion infrastructure investment , a plan to ensure reliable energy supply in two years, the industrialisation of the economy which will be driven by a massive by local campaign, that what President Ramaphosa promised yesterday. Critics weren't impressed, what does one of SA's top economist think of the bold plan?

Iraj Abdeian is our guest 

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Latest news from Business Insider

19 October 2020 10:55 AM

Helena Wasserman

Helena Wasserman , editor of Business Insider South Africa joins us for our weekly look at what's trending on Business Insider

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International news with the BB -COVID-19 around the world

19 October 2020 10:35 AM

 With BBC Corresponded Rich Preston.


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19 October 2020 10:01 AM

Andrew Schaefer, MD of national property management company Trafalgar is out guest

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