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Afternoon Drive with John Maytham
Teacher shot dead outside Philippi school

Teacher shot dead outside Philippi school

21 September 2021 4:21 PM

Guest: Lauren Isaacs

Police in Cape Town are investigating the murder of a 52-year-old maths teacher who was shot dead as he sat in his car outside the Heinz Park Primary School in Philippi this morning.
Police spokesperson, Colonel Andre Traut, says that two suspects fled the scene after the shooting, and were yet to be arrested earlier today.
The man had been teaching maths at the school since 2008.
We speak to EWN's Lauren Isaacs who has been following the story.

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Jeffery Archer introduces his new book 'Over My Dead Body'

20 October 2021 6:20 PM

Guest: English novelist Jeffery Archer about his new book 'OVER MY DEAD BODY'. Cape Talk joins Exclusive books to host a digital launch of the book today.

An unputdownable story of murder, revenge, and betrayal from international number one bestseller Jeffrey Archer – a rollercoaster thriller that takes detective William Warwick to the cold case unit, where he chases someone who thinks they’ve got away with murder.
Four Cases, Four Killers, only one man can stop them…

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SA’s Rogz bags award at 2021 Animalis World Branding Awards

20 October 2021 5:12 PM

Guest: Irené (I-RE-NAY) Raubenheimer

John speaks to Irené Raubenheimer, co-founder of ROGZ about their win at the World Branding Awards 2021/2022 Animalis Edition that took place on 9 September 2021 virtually.
The 13th edition of the World Branding Awards took place on 9 September 2021 virtually and saw 150 brands from 41 countries named “Brand Of The Year”. 
Our very own Rogz bagged the Global Tier Award at this year’s World Branding Awards Animalis Edition.
The pet gear company Rogz was founded in 1995 by Paul Fuller and Irené Raubenheimer and has a variety of functional and high-quality products for your pets. 
Since the establishment of the business, Rogz is now a globally recognized brand that designs, manufactures, and distributes pet gear to over 90 countries.

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Covid-19 pandemic exposes pharmaceutical companies

20 October 2021 4:28 PM

Guest: Mark Haywood |  Editor of Maverick Citizen at Daily Maverick

John speaks to Mark Haywood, Editor of Maverick Citizen at the Daily Maverick about how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed big pharmaceutical companies who are engaged in the worst kind of profiteering.
Mark Haywood says that the pandemic has exposed how some pharmaceutical companies are once more engaged in the worst kind of profiteering. He says that they do this because they know that they can hold the world to ransom over access to life-protecting vaccines they didn’t invent but whose manufacture and distribution they monopolies.
He adds that according to a media statement by the British charity ActionAid, Covid-19 vaccine development has been supported by $100-billion in public funding from taxpayers in the US, Germany and other countries. But, just three corporations (Pfizer, Moderna and BioNtech) have earned more than $26-billion in revenue in the first half of 2021, “at least two-thirds of it as pure profit in the case of Moderna and BioNTech”.

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Home Affairs extended office hours to allow ID applications and increase votes!

20 October 2021 4:07 PM

Guest: Yusuf Simons | Provincial Manager (Western Cape) at Department of Home Affairs

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Avian Flu Outbreak

20 October 2021 3:35 PM

Guest: Dr David Roberts | Clinical Veterinarian at SANCCOB

John speaks to Dr David Roberts who is the Clinical Veterinarian at The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) about the recent outbreak of avian flu among wild birds in the Western Cape.
An outbreak of avian influ has been reported in the Western Cape that has led to the mass death of wild seabirds. The Western Cape government has urged people not to touch sick sea birds due to an outbreak of avian flu.
It says disaster management is handling situations between Veldrift and Arniston on the west and south coasts.

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The new Delta descendant may be more infectious than the original Delta variant

19 October 2021 6:22 PM

Guest: Professor Francois Balloux joins John to discuss research that is finding alarming evidence that the new delta descendant may be more infectious than the original Delta variant. If the preliminary evidence is confirmed, AY.4.2 may be the most infectious coronavirus strain since the pandemic started. 

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Municipal Elections 2021: Why this is the most unpredictable election

19 October 2021 6:16 PM

John Maytham speaks to Political Economy Analyst, Keynote Speaker, Author & Futurist Daniel Silke about his recent piece in The Daily Maverick on why the #LGE2021 is the most unpredictable election ever.

Daniel Silke says that the November local government elections are likely to be the most unpredictable and perhaps least supported since the dawn of democracy in 1994. The parties that are in power, ANC and DA are in the firing line. Both parties have internal issues beyond the service-delivery terrain and both have relatively new leaders who still need to prove their electoral worth. He adds that the unpredictability of the #LGE2021 election is positive in that it diffuses the might of the larger parties — particularly the ANC — into something of a more “regular” political player that can be vulnerable at the polls and therefore vulnerable to lead.

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Wildlife And Conservationist Attempts swim to and from Dyer Island

19 October 2021 6:12 PM

John speaks to wildlife and conservationist De Wet Du Toit about his attempt to swim and from Dyer Island. 

The swim has never been done before and he wants to bring awareness to of the decline of the great white shark in South Africa's coastal waters.

Dyer Island is internationally known for the large number of great white sharks it attracts, but in recent years, these numbers have dwindled. 

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The Collapse of The Master of the High Court

19 October 2021 5:11 PM

Guest: Louis Van Vuren | CEO at The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA)

 There is widespread collapse and complex remedial action is urgently needed. 

The Department of Justice IT system was hacked and manual appointments have not been made despite numerous requests to The Master's Office. One of society's most vital legal service systems has come to a grinding halt. 

The 15 Master’s Offices in the country, one for each division of the high court, deliver crucial services to the public in the administration of deceased estates and liquidations, as well as the registration and supervision of trusts, among others

The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa is a non-profit professional Organization. It represents fiduciary practitioners and sets high minimum standards for the industry.

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