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#IFQSAT: I Feel Quite Strongly That we must stick to governance frameworks even more strictly during emergencies than under normal conditions.

#IFQSAT: I Feel Quite Strongly That we must stick to governance frameworks even more strictly during emergencies than under normal conditions.

20 February 2020 7:58 AM

There are procedures in place for public spending, investments, corporate oversight and procurement for a reason. That South Africa is facing an economic ‘emergency’ is not good enough reason to flout these governance frameworks for expediency. 

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Chef's Corner: Winter time is Glühwein time

5 June 2020 8:36 AM

Refilwe Moloto speaks to the Giggling Gourmet Jenny Morris about how to make the
perfect, fragrant and warming cup of Glühwein, also known as mulled wine.

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Covid-19 Wrap: The economy

5 June 2020 8:31 AM

This week's Corona-wrap looks at the economy. Is it all bad news? Refilwe Moloto
speaks to economist Gina Schoeman.

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The World View - Coronavirus Comparisons

5 June 2020 7:58 AM

The Madeleine murder case a few details on the new German suspect.

A Russian Oil leak environmental concerns in Siberia.

The Insomniac pandemic Covid 19 is costing us 40 winks.

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Some taxis not adhering to government's Covid-19 regulations

5 June 2020 7:30 AM

With more people being allowed to return to work it has been observed that some taxi operators are not adhering to the safety regulations. Refilwe Moloto speaks to Bonginkosi Madikizela, Western Cape MEC for Transport and Public Works to discuss what authorities are doing about it.

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Key Eastern Cape Covid-19 hospital shut dow

5 June 2020 7:27 AM

The Eastern Cape’s largest casualty unit at Livingstone Hospital, had to be shut down(( on Wednesday, 3 June)) for a number of reasons including personnel absences, a shortage of sterile gloves and complaints that the Accident and Emergency Unit was last cleaned three days ago. Daily Maverick journalist, Estelle Ellis talks to Refilwe Moloto about the unfolding health crisis in our neighbouring province which now has the country's second highest number of infections and deaths due to Covid-19.

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Everyday Xhosa - 'Andinamsebenzi'

5 June 2020 6:58 AM

Guest:  Qingqile Mdlulwa | Correspondent at Everyday Xhosa 

Today’s isiXhosa expression is “ANDINAMSEBENZI”.
A-N-D-I-N-A-M-S-E-B-E-N-Z-I, colloquially it means “I don’t care/I couldn’t be bothered/ I have no business with”.

Although it actually means “I have no work” depending on context. For example, ANDINAMSEBENZI nawe if you don’t like avo, or think pineapple on pizza is evil. Same thing if you think Michael Jordan is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant. 
And it’s safe to say that most people ABANAMSEBENZI with social distancing when queueing for liquor. 

It’s most commonly expressed as “ANDINAMSEBENZI NALONTO” (I don’t care/give a damn about that). 

I’m also 100% certain that Donald Trump AKANAMSEBENZI about anything

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Mice moving in with you? You're not alone - It's what they do this time of year

5 June 2020 6:43 AM

With the colder weather setting in, you are more likely to have some uninvited furry visitors seeking refuge in your homes. Sebastian Seelig is the MD of Pest Free SA, and chats to Refilwe Moloto about different ways to deal with rodent infestations. 

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How will second-hand car prices be affected if rental firms offload en-masse?

4 June 2020 8:59 AM

Car hire companies have been hit hard by the global curtailment on travel and may
soon be selling off much of their vehicle stock, What will the impact be on used car
prices? Refilwe Moloto speaks to independent motoring journalist Lance Branquinho.

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