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#FreshDeeds: Helen Siko is doing the most to help kids get educated and your help could really go a long way. Take a listen to this! #FreshOn947

#FreshDeeds: Helen Siko is doing the most to help kids get educated and your help could really go a long way. Take a listen to this! #FreshOn947

14 February 2020 11:42 AM

The Thusothuso Global Child Support is an initiative that Helen took upon herself as she knows the struggle of being young and struggling. Your help would go a very long way!

Thusothuso Global Child Support - a Non-Profit Organization co-ordinated by Charlene Sandstrom and Catherine Mokgatle - has opened a child care centre for children between the ages of 6 months and grade 00.

This child care centre relies on funding and donations as fees paid by the parents are only R200 per month. This is in a low income rural community.

This child care centre enables parents of the community to be able to go to work during the day and know that their children will be in a safe and happy environment. The daycare provides emotional and physical safety and food for the children who attend Thusothuso Global Child Support

The school started on 17 January 2018; however, the school has very little in terms of furniture, toys, and food. The school has borrowed tables and chairs from a local Kids Club that operates at night.

Currently, the child minders are volunteering and are not receiving a salary, which is not an ideal long term solution. Ultimately, the minders should receive a salary to ensure consistency of minders.

Thusothuso Global Child Support will benefit from any donations.

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#FreshDeeds: Cindy and her kid gifted with a SPAR voucher and data so her son can continue studying online! #FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach @FreshOn947

27 May 2020 5:12 PM

#FreshDeeds: Cindy and her kid gifted with a SPAR voucher and data so her son can continue studying online! #FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach @FreshOn947

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#FreshDeeds: Gabsile needed to take care of her 9-month-old baby so the team stepped in! @FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach

18 May 2020 11:39 PM

#FRESHDEEDS: Afternoon team, my name is Gabsile a single mother to a 9 months old baby. i

I used to work one day as a domestic worker, the money pays only rent and left with nothing to buy for baby and food,now can't afford to pay rent and buy food more especially for her as there is no work at all. I used to get support from individuals, now it's difficult. I called some few for help I got same answer so I gave up. It's hard and we sleep empty,at the same time both our clothes were stolen,am kindly asking for help with a voucher team to ease the load on my shoulder - it's too much with no support at all! Please help...

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#FreshDeeds Lockdown Edition: #FreshOn947 and SPAR help ensure Arnold and his family don't have to hunt rabbits and birds to get food for their family! @FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach

15 May 2020 5:04 PM

Firstly, you guys are just amazing! You are really changing people's lives during this terrible Covid-19 lockdown.

I would like to nominate my brother Arnold and his family. They have lost their home a couple of months back and a friend offered them a place to stay on his plot in Muldersdrift. Arnold is self-employed and does gate automation and electric fencing but as things are getting worse economically for so many people, even before lockdown, he has struggled to find work. He and his family live from hand to mouth (as I know thousands of other do too ... sadly) and with this lockdown he has been unable to try and find any work at all. To survive him and his son are hunting wild rabbits and birds so that they at least have some food to eat. I have been sending them money where I could during April but unfortunately my husband did not get a salary this month and my salary was the only income for my family to survive this month. I am so worried about his kids as his son, Chad who is in Grade 11 but he is unable to do his school work online as they don't have any money for data so that he cannot participate in online school and his little daughter, Jessie, who turned 10 in April was diagnosed a year ago with Cerebal Palsy and attends a Government assisted special needs school. She seriously needs her therapy but with the lockdown this is not happening.

All I am asking is for a bit of food to tie them over, my brother is such a good father and a very hard worker and he is literally skin and bone just trying to work for his kids. I think he even goes without eating so that his kids are able to eat.

My heart is breaking with worry for them and I would be so ever grateful for a little help for them!

Thank you guys are literally Angels of Hope and thank you to Spar! God bless you all!

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#FreshDeeds Lockdown Edition: Leryn's story broke our hearts, so SPAR and the team came through for her❤ @FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach

14 May 2020 12:19 PM

We received the following message:

Hi my name is Leryn Phillips I am turning 23 this I have a brother and sister who are turning 15 this year and a brother who is 5 I have a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old son I know I am young for 2 kids but certain things led to me having these two blessing ... So where do I begin for the longest of time me and my family have been having a tough time my father is nothing but a waste of space filled with lies and broken promises as a child he beat my mum in front of the 3 of us my brother and sister were small but I remember time... He cleaned us out in 2012 and since then things have gotten nothing but worst my mom is 43 with much experience but can't get a job she's worked from telkom to cell c, first road micro soft , tiger brands and many more we live in a one room shack and go nights with out eating my dad doesn't support and cannot keep a job so it's all on my mum she's been trying and I know her heart is tired of asking people for something to eat tears fill her eyes and night when she prays but she acts strong I know she's hurting she's even considered going back to Durban where we from but there's nothing there for us cause our family says they can't always help us basically me and my mum are looking for work to get us out of this struggle I wish to buy my mum a house one day but I can't I don't have much experience but I've been a creche teacher twice but my true dream is to model I have done it before but my pictures were used and I never earn anything i don't have certificates for modeling but I'm good for it when it rains almost every thing gets wet we only own a tv stove and bed that's all we have that's my family owns 🥺🥺... It's been like this for years n I just want it to end I just want us to have something I got my first pair of all stars this year after not having a closed shoes for two years 😭... My story so long I can't even tell u all we've been through but that's the most I can do my cellphone number 0832453818 if you'll need to contact me I'll keep my phone close and pray you'll can help us will send pics of my family and place tnx for hearing me out ❤

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#FreshDeeds: Erich's family needed a big helping hand and the #FreshOn947 team came together!

11 May 2020 6:02 PM

If you're in need of driving lessons, Erich's driving school is open for business in Roodepoort.

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