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Wildlife artist, Karin Kruger, commissioned to paint a Buffalo worth R168m

21 September 2016 5:16 PM

A local buffalo just sold for R168m and this wildlife artist was fortunate enough to immortalise the beast with her brush strokes.

Karin Kruger grew up in the Kruger National Park and it seems she could not escape her destiny of working in the wilderness.

Daughter of game ranger Kobie Kruger and grandchild of film director Jamie Uys, Karin says her childhood was very privileged and coloured with beautiful animals and sights.

At a very young age Karin was exposed to creative mediums by sketching animals while her mother filmed documentaries on the game reserve.

I'd sit on the floor of the Land Rover while my mom was driving across the Kruger and I would try to draw all the animals when I was four.

Karin Kruger, wildlife artist

Karin was commissioned to paint a popular South African bull named Buffalo Inala, who at the time was worth R60 million.

IMAGE: The artwork depicting Buffalo Inala painted by wildlife artist Karin Kruger.

The wildlife artists says she painted Inala using images and video clips as references.

After Inala was auctioned for R168 million last week, her painting of the buffalo sold for R240 000.

The proceeds from the painting will go to The Antie Krog Trust's school for children with special needs.

Listen to the full conversation from The John Maytham Show:

21 September 2016 5:16 PM